There are many manufacturers of panel furniture production lines, with various models and uneven product quality. How can we choose an economical and applicable furniture production line? I believe this is the concern of many panel furniture enterprises! Then next! With 14 years of equipment production experience of sudiao intelligence, let us know!

1、 Specialized manufacturer

With high precision, fast speed and good stability, ordinary woodworking engraving machine can not meet the requirements of furniture factory. Therefore, when selecting the cutting machine, the manufacturer with guaranteed technology and assembly process should be selected.

2、 Suitable model

For manufacturers with strong financial strength, full-automatic loading and unloading cutting machine can be selected, while for small and medium-sized panel furniture factories with limited financial strength, four process cutting machine model can be selected.

3、 Assembly process and technology

CNC equipment has high requirements for assembly, and the assembly process control is not in place. No matter how good the configuration is, the machining accuracy error will be very large.

4、 Specify the purpose of the equipment and select the appropriate model

Some customers come into contact with CNC equipment for the first time, but they don’t know much about the model. Some manufacturers sell engraving machines to customers as cutting machines, and some recommend inappropriate models to customers. The purchased equipment can not be used normally and can not meet the processing requirements, resulting in great losses to customers.

5、 Guaranteed after-sales service

There will inevitably be some problems in the use of the machine. It is an important problem to quickly solve the machine fault.

The service tenet of quick carving intelligent panel furniture production line manufacturer is to respond to the requirements of customers, constantly cultivate and expand the engineering service team, let our engineering service personnel reach customers, and really solve customers’ worries.